Vacation Notes – Part II

While using the restroom at the Orlando Airport, I overheard a little girl (4ish years old) ask her mom: “Do you think Minnie Mouse will like me?” Her awesome mom replied, “Why of course she will! You are so nice and kind everyone at Disney will like you. Especially the princesses!” Can we all say Awwwww together?

The hotel we stayed at had 28 floors. It was fun to ride to the top with my nieces and nephew on the glass elevator.  Then they left.  I tried to get my husband to ride to the top with me.  He refused.  Until I told him I needed a picture for my blog.

28th floor

Kroger vs. Publix

The debate rages on about which is better.  But I think I have come to a final decision. Publix is better.  Their carts push easier.

Had a wonderful time chillin’ in the ocean with my nephew-in-law, Rudy.  He had never been to the FL Keys before.  He asked if there were alligators.  I assured him there were never in the ocean.  And then I was super nice and didn’t tell him about the sharks.

Palm Tree

I never, ever get tired of seeing Florida Palm Trees!


We had a great time visiting with family while in Orlando.  So there we were, all 11 of us (mostly children) and then they closed the pool. There are only so many times you can take the elevator to the 28th floor.





All You Can Eat Shrimp but No Wendy’s Salad

Don’t hate me but I just got back from my Florida vacation.  We spent half our time in Orlando and half in Marathon, FL Keys. My husband is an avid deep sea fisherman.  So we try to go to the Keys annually for his fishing trips and my beach lounging.  I especially look forward to the “All you can eat shrimp.” Of course anyone can order grilled shrimp outside of the State of Florida but you know how it is never enough?  When we go to the FL Keys, my husband will grill so much shrimp that I get to eat as much as I want. A truly great gift that I always look forward to. As my daughter would say, I ate so much shrimp that I had a shrimp baby.

There was one MAJOR problem with our FL Keys trip.  Remember that hurricane that sped through the Keys and wrecked havoc?  Well, evidently part of that havoc was blowing away the local Wendy’s in Marathon.  (It also blew away Burger King, but they don’t carry my salad).  In preparation of the trip, I do realize that the last Starbucks I am going to see is in Islamorada.  And I have made peace with that.  What I didn’t know was how Hurricane Irma took my Wendy’s away.  I am on vacation.  I want a Wendy’s salad.  I also want fish and shrimp but one can’t live on that alone.  I was devastated.  The ONLY fast food they had was McDonald’s, you know the cockroach of the fast food industry.  Okay, they had Taco Bell and KFC too but again – SALAD!  I am debating whether I should call Wendy’s corporate office and complain. You can be sure that I will check before our next visit to make sure their insurance or whatever came through and it is back.

We drove the FL Turnpike.  I don’t want to complain (I know many of you are laughing at that statement) but I lived in FL for many, many years and if I remember correctly, the FL Turnpike was only supposed to be a toll road until the road was paid for.  Guess they decided against that.  It was just our luck to stop at the Service Center in Pompano Beach right after 3 tour buses full of teenagers were dropped off.  Which means we immediately left.  But not before I grabbed a bunch of these:

OMG! Monkey Jungle!  Butterfly Rain Forest! Giraffes! Riverboat! But you know all I really wanted was a good book and a package of sunflower seeds. And of course a beach and an ocean.

Sadly, my tan is already fading.  I would sunbathe in our back yard but without the beach it just seems so futile. Until next year!


She Grew Up and Left Home

My daughter moved out (again).  But it’s different this time.  I am pretty sure that she really, really means it.  So I have to totally accept the fact that:

  1. She will never ask me to clean her bathroom again.  Or offer me money until I agree to clean it.
  2. I will have to haul all our fur babies to the groomers and vet myself.
  3. I can no longer get an employee discount at the retail shoe store where she used to work.
  4. I won’t have to quiz her for tests. Or review all her papers. Or explain the concept of Cogito, ergo sum.
  5. I can no longer guilt her into running out at 8 pm to buy me ice cream.
  6. My husband has changed his spot in the driveway to where she used to park her car.
  7. I lost my gym partner.
  8. She has moved out. Forever.  And ever.

I was really good, too. Because I truly am super excited to see her fly away and be free!  She graduated college and decided to move to a different state.  I was a little teary but good.  And I thought I was funny as hell when she texted me during the move and my response was “Can’t text now, am sobbing because my only daughter left me.”  She didn’t think it was funny at all but I was just trying to be that super cool and supportive mom. You know, don’t worry about me, go live your life and be happy.

Today was a kind of hard day.  Woke up feeling melancholy and teary.  My wonderful husband gathered me in his arms and kissed my forehead.  He looked lovingly in my eyes and said, “She just grew up and left home.  It’s okay.”  (Well, in my mind that is how it went but in all honesty he was probably a little irritated when he said it).

So it’s all good. And now I get to put all my focus on the youngest child to fly and be free.  I think we have different ideas of exactly what that concept means.

A Wednesday Holiday?

Don’t get me wrong, I am THRILLED to have a holiday and a day off work.  It’s just that I cannot remember ever having a holiday occur in the middle of the week.  Even counting Thanksgiving although I have had jobs that also give the Friday after off as a holiday as well.

So I googled it.  The last time the 4th of July was on a Wednesday was in 2010.  That was a helluva long time ago.  Honestly I cannot even remember where I was working in 2010 (which may be an indication of job hopping but at least I stayed for at least 4-5 years at each one).

I had this conversation with my husband.  His reply was “Well, you really can’t make the 4th of July holiday always occur on the first Monday in July.”  Yeah, I got that. It just seems so weird to me that I am going to work Monday and Tuesday, off Wednesday for the holiday and then back to work Thursday and Friday.

And then there is the whole fireworks thing.  So when officially would you set off fireworks?  I heard some last weekend and I would assume I will hear more on Wednesday.  But would the holiday also span into this coming weekend?  I mean, since the holiday is on a Wednesday it could conceivably fall over two weekends and who doesn’t want beer, hotdogs and live ammunition blowing up in the sky over two whole weekends!

I especially liked the days where we could go to other states and get the “special fireworks.” One of the nice things about living in rural Ohio was that there was plenty of room for all the fireworks.  Our current neighbor has this small cannon. He set it off one night and it made a helluva loud bang. I mean, loud enough that the cops were called.  Not by us, though.  We told him our family DOES. NOT. CALL. COPS.  His cannon was very impressive though. I wonder if we can talk him into shooting it off again today.

The 4th of July holiday is always hard on pets.  We have always made our cat stay inside on this holiday as well as Halloween.  Just to be safe. Besides as quick as Boca-cat runs into my bedroom closet when he hears thunder, a bunch of loud firecracker noise is not something he enjoys.  We also used to have this problem with little Casey.  As soon as he heard any fireworks, he would start with the low ferocious growl (which is adorable coming from an 8-pound Yorkie) to the hell bent barking when it got really loud.  We all would say “Shut up, Casey” which of course did absolutely nothing. Today at age 16, Casey is deaf so can’t hear a thing.  Don’t get me wrong, he still goes outside and barks daily.  It’s just that no one knows what he is barking at anymore.  But he is happy and that is all that counts.

So I guess I will sleep in on Wednesday. My husband will probably BBQ something if it isn’t horribly hot out. Lawn has been mowed so that chore is off the to-do list. Not that there isn’t a boat load more yardwork that needs to be done but it is a holiday, after all.  And everyone knows that yard work should only be done on the weekend.

4th of July quote



Moving Day! Again.

So my daughter is moving out (again).  I know this is the 4th time but I truly believe this is it.  I came home from work and told her I brought her moving boxes.  She said she was glad I brought the small size.

moving box

I had this same issue when my kids were in preschool. We had signed up to bring the cupcakes for a special daycare celebration.  This was back in the day when I actually made the cupcakes vs. buying them from the local grocery store bakery.  I had grabbed a good cupcake toting box, put all the cupcakes in it and left it on the counter for my husband to drop off with the kids the next day.

The next morning he had removed all the cupcakes from the box and was taping tin foil to the outside.  When I asked him what he was doing, he said,  “Next time please don’t bring a condom box for cupcake day, okay?”  (I worked in public health back then and we gave out A LOT of condoms!)

Time for a New Phone

My phone sucks.  I have an android.  I probably should get an iPhone but I have an android.  And my husband isn’t ready for a new phone yet.  Because we already have an established hand me down system; he gets a new phone, I get his old phone and my son gets my phone.  My phone obviously is not aware of the timing issue because it started being stupid.

First I couldn’t access my photos. Then I couldn’t even take a picture. One morning I wasn’t able to access my work email which meant I had to be at work at 8 am instead of a bit later if my morning was free.  Then the absolute worst happened – right in the middle of playing a game, my phone would freeze up and I would have to stop playing.

My husband said he could fix it and asked if I could leave it with him for the day.  Later he called and asked me for my email password.  When I told him, he said I had to spell it – twice- and then told me it was a stupid password.  Now, my thinking is that if you have a made up name that you have to spell, well, that is a damn good password.  Besides it’s not like he has to use it everyday.

I got my phone back, was told it was fixed.

But it wasn’t. I didn’t get any text messages the next morning so my phone obviously is not working. When I looked more closely, I discovered I had 8 contacts. I was pretty sure I had more than that.  I texted my husband and told him I had 8 contacts and he was not one of them.  Then I emailed three people (including my husband) and asked them to text me so I was sure it worked.

Text from my daughter:  HI Mom! I love you!

Text from my friend:  Hope you are having a good day!

Text from my husband:  Did you overdraft the bank card again?  I texted back and told him I was expecting something along the lines of “I love you.” He texted back that I was not to use the bank card again.  (I guess that is how my husband tells me he loves me in his own special way).

At least my camera is working and I have all my photos back.  And while I did have all my games, I was pretty pissed that I had to start over on all them.  Back to level 1.  I was at level 610.  Sigh.  I think it’s time my husband got a new phone.


LWL Musings #57

  • All I am saying is that if you have a walker tied to the top of your vehicle, you have no business driving in the left lane on the highway.


  • It is that time of year again – dog fluffs all over the house.  It is a lot like when you see all those seed clusters fly around outside in the springtime. And of course the groomer is always 3 weeks out when you call to make an appointment.  So I just have to remind myself – love my dog, love their fur while I put up with them for a bit longer.  And nag my kids into picking them up.


  • It’s yard work time again.  I am so over this already and it isn’t even June.  I tell my husband I will help and then go to Starbucks and run errands all day. And our city is so unreasonable with the collection of yard waste.  It has to be collected in these stupid paper bags and put out on Thursday.  I am going to propose that all we have to do is pile it all up along the edge of the street and they can vacuum it all up twice a week. I could probably get elected with that campaign plan.


  • I am so proud of my daughter.  She had to take an exam the day after having outpatient surgery.  On pain pills.  She got an 88.  But I still think I helped – during the 5 hour wait I read all three of her chapters and made notes.


  • Casey dog is getting more blind every day.  I know it seems mean, but I just can’t help playing the hot/cold game with him when I place his dog food on the floor.