As an initial ice breaker, here is some personal information about me:

1.   I am 43. And I will be 43 for quite a few years. I used to be 38 but then realized that you can only stay in your 30’s for a certain amount of time before you simply have to move forward. So I recently picked the age of 43 and will stick with it. But my kids still think I am 38.

My sister and I went to a family reunion last Thanksgiving. My uncle asked me how old I was. Of course I used my imaginary age while disclosing that I don’t share my age. My sister chimed in and said, “Well, I am ___ years old and Lori is one year younger.” She is so getting a mixer for her next birthday. When she turns 61.

2.   I drive a mini-van.  I will always drive the mini-van because it simply will not die.  But the good thing about driving it is that you can speed on the highway and never get caught.  Because who can believe a mini-van going 85 mph on the highway?

3.   I love my kids, I really do. It’s just that I love my pets more because they never ask for money, never have an attitude and shut up once they are fed. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) as parents we never think that far ahead when we decide to have kids.

4.   I love my husband, too. But sometimes he irritates the hell out of me.

5.   I whine. And I am good at it.

6.    I like to write. Which is why I started this blog. You can read more about me under the “My World” tab. Also, I love comments and hope as my blog matures I will have lots of followers and will be able to have more widgets and links and tags, oh my!

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