Slimy Pool

We just bought a pool. A slimy, algae infested, filled with frogs and a rat swimming pool. Yeah, a house did come with it but this weekend it was all about the pool. The bank that sold us the pool spent an inordinate amount of money on a huge wooden and wire pool cover (for liability purposes of course). The problem is that it would take an army of 20 beefy girls and guys to move the damn thing. So being a family of four, we just cut off the wire in appropriate places and worked around it. We first bought a sump pump to suction out the water in the pool.

However, after the sump pump quit it was evident the easy part was over. But not to give up, we then used a shop vac to try and empty out the remaining green water. This didn’t work as well as planned – probably something to do with physics and thick water. So this weekend, we dressed in our crappiest clothes and decided to get the rest of the pool slime out. My son, being smart or lazy; however you see it, worked out a plan where someone would fill a pail with the slime from the deep end of the pool. The garden house would then be tossed down and the sprayer handle used as a hook to grab the pail handle and haul up the filled pail for dumping. You would then toss the empty pail back down into the pool. This worked out okay when Michael was filling the pail. But he got frustrated because it took me so long to haul it up and then walk across the lawn to dump it next to the trees. After a lot of complaining (because teens are really good at that), I agreed to switch places with him. Hey – after projectile vomiting and diarrhea duty as a mom, I could handle the smell and slime.

The problem was that I was barefoot. Standing on the bottom of a vinyl pool cover. With green slimy stuff at the deep end. As soon as I came near the deep end, I started to slide toward the festering pool of algae. I tried to get away, but with a smooth pool bottom and nothing to grab onto but a pail, I quickly realized that I was not going to win this race. For the record, I do have two very skinned knees to show for my effort. I heard rather than saw the frogs leap out of my way. I’ll give Michael credit, he did run down to try and grab me but it was too late. While only inches deep, it was much more about the viscosity and smell. Frankly, it was gross. But we did laugh because what else can you do? Especially when I almost pulled him in with me during my rescue. But I got pulled out and hosed off and after that it was officially my job as pail filler because no one wanted to be near me.

I screamed like a little girl when the muck got low enough to see the frogs. There were three of them- one was at least a 3 pounder and two smaller ones. Hopefully they will find new homes in someone else’s yard. Luckily we got rid of the rat the previous weekend. When my husband told me to go get something to put it in, I grabbed a zip lock bag – and if it comes back from the field across the way, I am going to be very, very pissed off.

When Christina finally came out to help, she tired very quickly of hauling up buckets of muck and decided it looked easier to fill the pail (mind you, this is the girl with the yellow rubber latex gloves and pink flip flops on). Michael said, “Wait a minute, I need to go get the video camera.” And while we each had visions of $10,000 in our heads, we didn’t let her do it. She did come down and help but wore her brother’s work shoes – the ones with the non-skid bottoms.

Sump pump – $65.00

Crappy clothes covered in green algae slime – Right into the garbage can

Cost of a new hose sprayer/pail hook – $7.00

Dad telling all of us we couldn’t take a shower because the water was turned off to fix a leak in the house – priceless.

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