Bits and Pieces

When my daughter turned 18 she said, “Guess what I can do now?”  My husband quickly responded with: “Join the  military.”  She answered, “No, I can get a tattoo.”

I see absolutely nothing wrong in watching all the Master Chef programs on the Food Network channel and then making hamburger helper for dinner.

I went to Taco Bell for tacos.  I was told they were out of taco meat.  I had to ask them to repeat it.  When I asked how long before I could have a taco, they told me 30 minutes.  Now, maybe it is just me, but if Taco Bell cannot sell tacos, someone needs to be fired.

We had to move some heavy furniture from the basement to the curb.  My son’s big toe got crammed against the large TV set bringing it down the stairs. As he was staunching the blood, his dad asked, “Do you remember what happened when you were seven?” And my son answered, “Yes, I lost my toenail when a desk fell on it.”  I guess consistently stupid is better than nothing.  YOU WEAR SHOES WHEN MOVING FURNITURE.

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