Texting – The New Form of Communication

Actual examples of text messaging between myself and my daughter, Christina.  I love text messaging.  I may never have to verbally speak to either of my children ever again. 

CMJ:   What’s for dinner
Mom:   IDK, what are you making?
CMJ:   I’m not making anything, im not home
Mom:   Then why are you asking?
CMJ:   I thought u were making dinner
Mom:  Well, you thought wrong.  I thought you were making dinner.
CMJ:   Im not cooking dinner. I don’t feel good.
Mom:   Me either.  Text your brother and ask him what is for dinner.
CMJ:    Nooo.  What time should I be home for dinner?
Mom:   IDK, what time will it be ready?
CMJ:   Can I get subway?
Mom:  Do you have $ for subway?
CMJ:   No but you do.  Can you meet me at subway?
Mom:   At work still.
CMJ:   Well, let me know. Cause that would be easier so I don’t waste gas.
Mom:  Do you have $ for subway? I’m getting Clucko’s chicken
CMJ:   Do you mean Jackos?  Get me some chicken fingers and fries, pleeze
Mom:   Can you pay me back?
CMJ:  Mommee!  Thank you.  Let me know when I should be home.
CMJ:  Whats for dinner?
Mom:   Dunno.  What are you making?
CMJ:   We had this conversation yesterday.
Mom:  Beans and weenies?
CMJ:  Whose cooking that?
Mom: ????
CMJ:  What????
Mom: ?????
CMJ: I’m not cooking dinner
Mom: Me either.  Don’t feel good. 
CMJ:  Mom….
Mom:  What….
CMJ:  nevermind.
Mom:  Okay

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