My Husband Wears Tights

“My Husband Wears Tights” was a search engine term that recently pointed someone to my blog. Now, I realize that I am new to this and so I check my stats daily to see that 3 people have looked at my blog site today. Okay, so two of those were me and the other was most probably a family member but I’ll take it. I HAVE STATS! So when this little message came up I thought it was pretty comical. Not to insinuate that the person who googled “My Husband Wears Tights” was not serious and I am guessing female and probably quite distressed to find out that her husband wears tights but I have to smile that my blog about  the Renaissance Fair was the reason I got the hit and maybe entertained her just a little. 

And if I can be a little Dear Abby here – if your husband wears tights I would only worry about it if he looked better in them then you.

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