Short Musings…

My son drinks coffee before he goes to school.  This morning he brought his coffee with him and then left his coffee cup with some leftover coffee in the car.  At first I was going to open the window and throw it out, but then I thought maybe I should just finish it since there was just a small amount left.  Bad. Idea.  I do not drink coffee – ever.  My staff has never seen such a bouncy boss in the mornings.  I think I scared the hell out of them. 

Why is it that our 17 lb cat throws his nose up at Fancy Feast and most other brands of expensive canned cat food but will eat a field mouse? Did you know that a mouse contains 50 calories?   I wonder if there are any cat food companies that make a brand of cat food called “Carmelized Mouse Au Lait?”  And I still think he eats Casey’s dog food just to piss him off.

Took Casey in for grooming and a haircut.  They left his tail fluffy. Now he looks like a deranged dog-bunny.  Stupid groomers. 

Is it cheating to use Google when completing the People Magazine Crossword puzzle?  Is it embarrassing to even say that you have to use Google to find clues for the puzzle?  (For the record, I knew the answer to 32 Across:  ______, Dong the witch is dead).

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