Bathroom = Drug Store

It’s official.  My bathroom has now become a drug store.  This means that when my kids run out of their drug store items, they go into my bathroom and take whatever they need.  So I get up in the morning, grab my toothbrush and discover that I don’t have any toothpaste.  Or I am in the shower and get ready to wash my hair and find out that I have no shampoo or conditioner. 

My daughter constantly steals my extra Intuition razor soap/blade thingys.  Now, one of these will last me at least 3 months; everyone knows that when you turn 40ish you only shave once per week;  I mean month; I mean when the waning moon is in its third crescent and your husband gives you three day notice that a “special night” is planned.  My daughter shaves every day.  Egad, the thought alone makes me tired.  Besides the extra long hair on my legs helps keep me warm during the winter. 

For the record, my son did quit taking our pain relievers after the unfortunate Midol in the empty aspirin bottle incident.  (For the record, if that had made an impact at all on his 17 year old attitude, I would have put Midol in a vitamin container and made him take one a day).  Michael does steal my husband’s shaving cream.  But then it is only during odd months that begin with the letter “A.”  For instance, we have already gone through “No Shave November, Furry Face February and Just Say No June.”

So my response is to start stocking up just like the drug store.  I always make sure I have two of everything in anticipation that as soon as the kid’s bathroom runs out of Kleenex, Q-Tips, toothpaste, toilet paper or deodorant, I’ll have extra.  

I have also taken to simply hiding my stuff.  You finally reach a point where you are just tired and give up.  So when I want to make sure no one takes my new body wash, I have to hide it in my underwear drawer.  Which has been pretty successful so far.  I also put extra shaver blades in my jewelry box, the good Kleenex in the suitcase on top of the closet shelf and extra deodorant inside an almost empty box of tampons (Note to self – this works for my son, not so much for my daughter).  It really seems like a lot of extra effort.  For some reason they don’t seem to take my husband’s stuff.  Probably because he yells.  Mom doesn’t yell; she just replaces. 

Probably the biggest fall out was over the nail clippers. You know, you spend a lot of money on a really good pair and then one day you simply cannot stand how long your toenails are any longer and so you look for your good nail trimmers to tidy up your nails…and they’re gone.  And when you ask, no one has touched them (of course).  This was way too serious for random action so I immediately went to the dollar store and purchased some cheap nail clippers.  These are placed in a very conspicuous location in the bathroom drawer.  The good ones are then hidden in the back of the third drawer in a cosmetic bag.  Yep, bait and switch worked like a charm. 

Then again, earlier this year my husband hid the last box of Thin Mints inside of an empty fish stick package and put it in the back of the freezer.  When he took it out midsummer and started eating the cookies, we were all incredulous.  Where did he get those?  EVERYONE knows Girl Scout cookies never make it past the end of March in our home.  I guess it all depends on priorities.  And how good you are at outsmarting a teenager.

One response to “Bathroom = Drug Store

  1. Simple solution close the store. Put a keyed lock on the door. Can be picked up from Lowes for around 15 bucks comes with two keys and all you need is a phillips screwdriver to install.

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