Towering Cornstalk

This is a cornstalk that I have been watching grow in a field by my house.  Finally I reached a point where I just had to stop and take a picture.  Even more fun was making up captions for the picture.  Feel free to add your own personal caption under comments – I’ll add the good ones to the post at a later date.

  • Have you ever felt like a towering stalk in a field of beans?
  • What do you mean I am not a bean?!
  • So much for the Vegetable Witness Protection Program
  • I talk to the beans below and wonder if they are really, truly listening to me.
  • I am strong, I am invincible – I am…cornstalk
  • I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to play hide and seek
  • And they said it couldn’t be done!
  • I TOLD them I shouldn’t be planted here but nooooooo, did they listen?!
  • Wow!  Those hormone growth pills really worked!
  • This sure as hell isn’t my “Field of Dreams.”

2 responses to “Towering Cornstalk

  1. Only in Ohio… you should be fitting right in.

  2. Mom. I got good news and bad news.

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