My husband and I went to Oktoberfest last Sunday in downtown Cincinnati. I know it isn’t “officially” October yet but when beer is involved, why obsess about the small stuff?

We got to drink free beer samples while we stood in a long line to spin the dial at the St Pauli Girl beer booth. Since, technically they weren’t allowed to give free away beer, we had to slide a quarter from a pile on the table back to the St Pauli girl and then we could take our free beer. We did this multiple times. I am still wondering if they had to pay taxes on that quarter. Michael won a St Pauli hat. I didn’t win anything but was happy with my consolidation prize of more free beer. Then we were on to the GEICO insurance booth. Where we got to take a picture with the lizard and then roll some dice for a prize. I got a keychain light. Which is lame, I know but it was a hand crank self powered keychain light which was pretty cool even if it is really, really small. I can just see me pulling it out during the next ice storm when the electricity goes off in the house. (“Wait a minute; it says I have to crank this teeny tiny handle for 2 minutes….”)

We then sauntered over to the Ford car display. For entering their giveaway of a free car (drawing to be held in December), we got to answer questions and spin a hokey Las Vegas wanna be slot machine. When it was our turn and the Ford representative said he was going to ask us some questions, I immediately responded with: “The answer is Batman.” Which took him by surprise but he recovered nicely and then proceeded to ask me some stupid question about the car. To which my answer was, “Same as the Bat Mobile.” Finally we got to spin and both of us came up with the same result. Seeing as the rep was a Batman fan and I made him explain to me numerous times that if I won, I WOULD NOT be driving the featured Ford car off the sidewalk, he let us both spin again. Both times it AGAIN came up the same as our first spin. Like I said, just like Vegas. Then we sauntered over to the car that was on display where another Ford rep was available to answer all our questions. “So tell me,” I asked as I leaned into the driver’s seat area, “Exactly how high does the heater temp get?” And he didn’t know so he had to hunt down the keys, turn the car on and find out. I would have been more impressed if he had answered, “As hot as the Bat Mobile.”

When we decided to get serious with our beer drinking, we started looking for a place to squat and dump all our freebie stuff. We walked by this nice area of tables and chairs in a shady area that was cordoned off by a fence. When we found the entrance, it was clearly marked “Samuel Adams VIP’s Only.” Of course this sign did not deter my husband. He proceeded to walk inside like he belonged there. And not one person said anything. We found a table by the fountain and then found out that as a privileged VIP, we could drink as much beer as we wanted – for free. Was this a great Oktoberfest or what?? And when the big Sam Adams honcho guy came over and asked us if we were wholesalers or were handpicked from the crowd, we were quick to say we were honored that we picked ourselves from the crowd and how nice it was that we could enjoy their wonderful beer. Because we knew absolutely nothing about beer wholesalers.

In summary:

  • Yes, I know how to do the Chicken Dance and no, I am not going to do it. 
  •  You haven’t heard really good music until you hear the Polka version of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. 
  • No, I don’t know why there was a Santa there. Or why he was so tired. But I do know he was a Reds fan.  
  • If you stay until closing you can get 2 funnel cakes for $5.00. I bought 8 of them for $20 bucks. (I have a teenage son at home who loves funnel cake and now know I also have a Yorkie who loves it as well). 
  • It was hard to choose from all the food. Some of the offerings included Sauerkraut Balls, Goetta Chedda Cheese Balls, Sauerbraten Sliders, Hot Bacon Slaw, Schlamager Bratwursts, and my favorite: Fried Dill Pickle Chips (with Ranch dressing)

So we had a very enjoyable day drinking free Sam Adams beer in the VIP area while wearing my St Pauli Girl’s hat. I’ll be expecting a call in December telling me that I won the Ford replicated Bat Mobile.

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