Smart Ass Student

I was super smart in high school. Note I said “smart” and not “popular.” I was probably the only student in my high school that hung around outside smoking with the less savory students while maintaining an A average.  I know for a fact that the Junior National Honor Society was pissed when they were forced to issue me an invitation.

I was also an older senior. So when I turned 18 at the beginning of my senior year, I was allowed to write my own notes for any school absences. I thought that was pretty cool. But I rarely missed school due to illness; I liked it too much. (Okay, I was the girl in Advanced English class who was thrilled when the teacher assigned a biography writing project including footnotes and cross references).

But I did realize that I could take a day off when I didn’t have any pressing school work and then just write a note to the school excusing my absence. The third time I did this, I was called into my guidance counselor’s office due to the apparent trend of missing school that had started since I turned 18.

Guidance Counselor (in a very serious voice): Lori, I wanted to speak to you because you have had three absences since you turned 18.

Me: Okay…

Guidance Counselor: Well, we are just concerned because missing school negatively impacts your GPA.

Me: No, that isn’t going to be a problem.

Guidance Counselor: Yes, you need to be aware that even though you can now write your own excuses for absences, it could hurt your overall GPA.

Me: No, it won’t, here let me show you.  And with that I grabbed a scrap piece of paper and proceeded to do the math showing him that my current GPA was 3.96.  Using an estimate that each absence would impact my GPA by .003 % and assuming there was no missed assigned work penalty; that meant I could miss 9 days per semester without having any practical impact on my overall grade or GPA.

Guidance Counselor: Get out of my office.



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