A Computer STD

I just gave everyone in my address book a computer STD.  And I feel so filthy for doing it.  I have no idea how it happened but the phishing, spamming, virus – whatever the hell it was – went to all my contacts from both of my email addresses.  It didn’t seem to send anything from my “throw-away email address;” you know, the one that you give out to anyone just to get them to leave you alone and you never check. Then again, it probably knew that all those company email addresses were useless.  Just guessing.  Besides, that wouldn’t be near as embarrassing.

And for the record, I NEVER open any email messages or links that I do not recognize.  I even err on the side of not opening messages from contacts if the subject line is missing or weird.  I am quite paranoid about it – so I am still racking my brain to figure out how it happened.  I so feel like my 17 year old son whose usual response is “I don’t know” and “It wasn’t me” when confronted with something like this.

So while I have no idea how it happened let me formally apologize to everyone in my address book for the mea culpa.  I can’t tell you how pissed I am as I sit here and wonder what site I recently googled or visited that resulted in this happening.  Because you know I will never go there again and would definitely report the scum sucking computer generating STD vermin to someone at google or yahoo who would, I am sure, totally ignore me.  Let me confirm now that I do not currently have nor will I ever have interest in any possible self motivated business enterprise or whatever the other one was.  To make things worse, one of the responses was from one of the many email addresses that my husband has so of course I had to immediately blame him.  And then the STD just kept going and going and going and…

Maybe it is just me.  Years ago, when I worked for the State of Florida, I got another virus that immediately started sending spam emails out to the entire State of Florida address book.  I swear, when I realized what was happening, I felt faint.  I didn’t know how to stop it as I helplessly watched name after name show up in my inbox with “Out of Office” responses which told me what had happened.  I immediately called Leo, my computer guy and explained my situation.  Actually, if I remember correctly I yelled in complete hysteria: “I AM SPAMMING THE ENTIRE STATE OF FLORIDA – DO SOMETHING!” I don’t think he even responded but just ran to my office and immediately pulled the computer cable from the wall.  And it stopped.  Just in time, too.  Because I was up to last names that started with “BI” in the state directory and at the time Jeb Bush was the Governor.  I have no idea how I would have ever lived down sending a spam email to the Governor of the State of Florida.

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