Boca owes me a new iPod

My iPod is ruined and I absolutely blame it on the cat.  I was mowing the lawn and listening to my music.  And as I was mowing around a tree, a branch went into my face, ripped off my ear buds and flung my iPod into the grass.  I didn’t realize that it was missing until I went to look for it.  And when I couldn’t find it around the tree, I moved the mower and there it was, underneath the mower and more than just a little chewed up.  And now, why is it the cat’s fault?  Because Boca-cat uses this particular tree as his own personal outside scratching post.  Which means the tree is very much leaning south with the branches much lower than they should be which means they hit me in the face when I was mowing around the tree.  Stupid punk cat. He owes me a new iPod.

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