Fall Back

I freakin’ love daylight savings time.  Let me rephrase that:  I freakin’ love FALL daylight savings time.  Because the “fall back” means you gain an extra hour of sleep versus the “spring forward” when you lose an hour. 

With me, it is all about getting some decent sleep time.  And I know those folks who struggle with insomnia will not be able to get this, or will hate me for it but I can sleep anytime, anywhere – for hours.  Literally.  Strap a bed to my ass and I am One. Happy. Camper.  So giving me a free extra hour of sleep is probably the best special gift I could ever get.  Really.  Kind of like Christmas special.  Except for Christmas I have to buy my own presents and put “To Lori From Lori” on the tag.  This is to ensure my husband doesn’t get me something stupid like a snuggie.  Which doesn’t work.  One year he did get me a snuggie which immediately went to Goodwill; I didn’t even open the box.  But he did get me with the comment, “Did you find the diamond bracelet that I hid inside the snuggie?”  I swear I need to write a whole blog titled Things that irritate me about my husband. 

Then again, one year for my husband’s birthday, my gift to him was that I would get up at 7 am on a weekend and help him with yard work without bitching. A gift he will never see again in his lifetime. 

But I digress.  I am a sleep hound.  I live for weekends and days off from work where I get to sleep in.  And I don’t mean sleeping in until 9 or 10 am – I am talking noon or later.  I even have the pets trained.  They don’t get out of bed until I do.  Well, except to pee and then right back to bed – hey!  Just like me!  

When I was in college a group of us went into the college auditorium in the middle of the night for some reason (I am sure it was stupid; it was college after all).  It took longer than I thought for whatever we were looking for so I sat down in one of those comfy auditorium chairs.  Next thing I know, it is 1:00 in the afternoon and I am all alone in an empty theater. 

When we lived in Florida I remember one hurricane where I was up late watching the wind blow and going “ooohhh, aaahhhh.” (Such a normal occurrence when you live in Florida that you rarely get excited).   I finally went to sleep around 4 am.  At 9 am my husband woke me up and said, “If we are going to evacuate, we need to leave now.”  To which I responded, “Go away, I want to sleep.”  We didn’t evacuate and ended up with a flooded front yard but this is a good example of how no one wants to deal with me when I don’t want to get up.

As Dr Seuss would say:

 I can sleep while tornados roar
I can sleep on any floor
I can sleep while sitting up
I can even sleep in a hut
I can sleep while in a car
I am a sleeping super star!

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