Happy Veteran’s Day!  And I am especially enamored with the whole 11-11-11 thing.  I would like to ask my husband if this could be our new anniversary date.  Little did I know I would have such difficulty in remembering the exact date of our wedding year after year after year.  Something someone should seriously consider for those future weddings.  In fact, I would advocate that this be added to the “Wedding Pre-Planning Guide” along the lines of reminder #263:  Make sure your wedding date is one that both of you will easily remember.  Yeah, totally missed that one.

Special thanks to all the Veteran’s who unselfishly give up their lives to our country.  Am in such awe.  And the reason I am in awe is spelled out on the list below:

Ten reasons why I probably would not last in the Military:

  1.  Green, brown, black and white are not colors in my color wheel. 
  2. I am not a morning person and doubt I would be allowed to sleep in when I wanted.  
  3. I don’t know East, West, North or South (unless I am standing in my 4th grade classroom; in that case, north was facing the blackboard and I could figure the rest out from there).  And I have absolutely no idea what south-southwest means. 
  4. They should have asked me to enlist before I watched the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. 
  5. I would have problems with officers in higher rank.  Specifically, I would be offended if they didn’t laugh when I cracked a joke.  Especially if it was a funny joke. 
  6. No whining allowed during combat. (I’m assuming) 
  7. I can’t even chew gum and drive a car at the same time – I have a feeling this would negatively impact my military abilities if I had to, like, drive a tank. 
  8. I would have to confirm that Captain Crunch withdrawal would be an acceptable reason for an honorable discharge should it come to that. 
  9. I would not be able to listen to Barry Manilow on my iPod during working hours when I am supposed to be guarding something.  
  10. That whole “The Army owns your ass” thing.

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