I’m Cold

I am a cold natured person. This means that I am happiest when I have a small electric heater strapped to my ass for most of the day during the cold months. Rarely will you hear me complain about being too hot. Well, except when we moved to Las Vegas…in July. It was 118 degrees that day and I did complain…bitterly…for hours.

But since I now live in the state of Ohio, it gets cold here. Each fall my husband and I know we are going to have an argument about turning on the heat. He wants to leave it off for as long as possible to avoid adding to the electric bill (I swear he has our finances down to the point where he knows exactly how much the electric bill will be each month including seasonal trending). So my husband wants to wait until the first snow before turning on the heat and I want it on as soon as the outside temperature hits 68 degrees. Let the annual argument begin.

Even my kids know the routine: “Mom, start telling dad now to turn on the heat. You need to tell him because he won’t listen to me.” For the record, he doesn’t listen to me either but unlike my children, I WILL go to the thermostat and turn the sucker up to 80 degrees.

So our annual bitch fest about turning on the heat started officially on Nov 1, 2011 when the forecast for the overnight low was 36 degrees. I won. As usual. No one wants to hear a whiney Lori for hours straight. It is a gift, I know. In order to deal with this issue in the past, I bought an electric blanket for the winter months in Vegas when I was staying in a drafty house. This meant that I had to take the blanket with me whenever I sat down. Since we moved to Ohio, my daughter has claimed my electric blanket insisting that her bedroom upstairs is always cold compared to ours which is on the main floor. (We both agree that it is always damn cold downstairs in the basement). I would reclaim it, but Christina insists that her dog, Casey also really needs the electric blanket and sleeps on top of it each night. So I wrap myself in warm winter pajamas and crawl under a comforter waiting to get warm. With my husband next to me with only a top sheet.

I am buying a new electric blanket.



One response to “I’m Cold

  1. I have to say, I was in that same drafty house in Vegas and what she is saying is very true. I was fine with a couple of simple throws and some sox on my feet. Lori on the other hand had that big blanket, a coat, a scarf around her neck, gloves, and to point out the true hilarity of it all, she had a hoodie on. Yep. I saw it with my own two eyes. Grant it my eyelashes were in fact heavy with ice.

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