A Short Pumpkin Story

Our church sold pumpkins one year and I signed up to volunteer with my kids.  Well, no sooner had we gotten there at our assigned time and settled in to sell pumpkins to the community when I started feeling really bad and needing the bathroom, if you know what I mean.  But I am kind of stuck since I am the only adult. Finally I simply cannot take it any longer and we hadn’t had any customers so I give explicit, detailed instructions to 9-year-old Christina and leave her in charge and run into the bathroom inside the church.  About 10 minutes later, I am absolutely dying on the commode when Christina comes into the bathroom. First she has to verbally carry on about “the smell” and then tells me someone wants to buy a pumpkin.  Well, I certainly am not going to be able to get up and go out there so I tell her to take care of it and just do the best that she can.  Well, the pumpkin was $7.00 and the customer gave her a $20. Back she comes because she doesn’t know how to make change and wants me to help her. Now, here I am having gut wrenching pain and I’m trying to tell her through the stall door how much money to give back (I had to demand that she come close enough to show me the change under the door to make sure it was correct despite her repeated warnings that she was going to throw up if she got that close).  I tell her to go give the change to the customers and then immediately come back and call my friend, Marilyn, to help me. (Realizing that while we are dealing with the change issue, I now have a 7-year-old in charge of the pumpkin patch).  So she calls Marilyn – I swear I had to write her phone number down on a piece of toilet paper with a crayon Christina found for me- and Marilyn comes right over.  She doesn’t help matters any when she comes in to check on me and says, “Whew! Christina is right; it IS smelly in here!” And THAT is an example of why you always need to have two adults at a fundraiser.

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