An Apology to my son

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I drove to Michigan to visit family with my sister, Dawn; my 17-year-old son, Michael and his friend, Tyler.  It wasn’t a horribly long drive – around 6 hours each way and overall the drive was okay but on the way back, I became bored. My sister wanted to listen to Christmas music on the radio and I was okay with that, but after 10 hours of “Jingle Bell Rock,” my son was tired of it.  I was driving my husband’s car and found “The Best of Bob and Tom” CD in the glove box.  And since I am “guy-like,” and I listen to Bob and Tom on my way to work every morning, I  put the CD in to pass the time. When the first satirical song started with the line, “Dear Penthouse,” well; I probably should have turned it off right then and there. But I didn’t. But eventually I did. 

So then I decided to listen to my iPod shuffle.  And I got really excited when “Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting came on so I turned up the volume really, really loud and even remembered my hot karate hand movements to go along with the song.  (Which my sister promptly told me to stop; I am simply not coordinated enough to seat dance and drive at the same time).  

I don’t think Michael fully appreciated the short Jewish lesson when my favorite Maccabeats song came on as I explained to him what “Nas Gadol Hayah Sham” meant and reminded him how much he absolutely LOVED playing the Dreidel game when he was in the first grade.

And okay, Tyler probably didn’t need to know that we used to sing “Copacabana” in the car on the way to elementary school (Michael used to say, “Play the Lola song!  Play the Lola song!”)

I know Michael was mortified when the lyric: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” started so I did change that song following his very verbal outburst of “Noooooooo.”  And I owe him a big thank you for letting me listen to the entire “Hollaback Girl” song – BTW, does anyone know what “My shit is bananas” means, exactly?

When AC/DC “Dirty Deeds” song came on, Michael and his friend got to listen to an argument between me and Aunt Dawn who said that the lyric was “Dirty deeds done dirt cheap” and not my rendition of “Dirty deeds and the thunder cheeks.” 

He probably doesn’t realize this, but his sigh was audible when the little voice said “battery low” and then my iPod died.

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