Blinged out car

One of our cars is currently at the dealership.  It decided not to start over the weekend so we had it towed for service. (This was a life lesson for our 19-year-old daughter, Christina, who was in charge of being home when the tow truck came.  She must have texted and called me 5 times needing instructions). This left us with one car to share while the car was in the shop.

The first day I took my husband to work.  Which sucked.  Because his work is nowhere close to mine plus a major hassle to drive on a wannabe highway through a small town.  Luckily the second day I had an early morning meeting and since we had to figure in getting our son to school at 7:30 am, there was no way I could drive my husband to work and get to my meeting on time.  So my husband had to drop me off and then he got stuck with the sucky drive to his work.

Last night our daughter informed us that she didn’t have to work on Wednesday and we were more than welcome to borrow her car (filling the gas tank up was a given).  Since both my husband and I have tried and now hate the whole carpooling thing, we definitely wanted to take her up on her offer.  The question was which one of us had to drive the Saturn “Bling Machine.”

“I’ll paper/rock/scissor you for the van,” my husband quickly said.

I should have known better. I never win at paper/rock/scissor and so I got Christina’s car and my husband waved as he left for work this morning in the van. 

Couple things about Christina’s car:

  • The gas gauge doesn’t work.  It is perpetually on empty with the little gas station icon lit.  I made Christina fill up the gas tank last night so I knew there were be enough gas.  When I had asked her how she kept track of her gas, she said she would zero out her trip meter each time she filled up and when it got to 150 miles, she knew she had to fill it back up.  EXCEPT:  When I started, the trip meter was at 150.  By the time I got on Hwy 75, it was at 348.  When I pulled into work it read 48.
  • I absolutely hate her black steering wheel cover with the pink skull, flowers and hearts all over it.
  • The car is so low that I have to do several low squat knee bend exercises before I am able to bend down low enough to get in.
  • All the bling hanging off the rearview mirror was very distracting to me. There is a tie dyed bandana, a silver necklace, her graduation thingy and charms all hanging and swaying in the car.  I tried to take it all off but quickly gave up.  And I wasn’t even going to try to get my parking pass on it.
  • I was afraid to go faster than 65 mph.  Which absolutely killed me on my morning commute (see previous blog).  So I was stuck in the middle lane all the way to work watching damn trucks pulling trailers pass by me. 
  • When I turned her heater up to high, it made this funny whining sound and so I had to turn it off.  This was definitely the most egregious issue as I absolutely must have a car interior at a minimum of 80 degrees.  I mean, there were snow flurries this morning!

 On a positive note, I did like all her radio stations except I did have to hunt for Bob and Tom.  And I didn’t have to adjust her mirrors – which was a good thing as I had no idea how to do that, anyway.

So in my reserved parking spot at work I now have a blinged out car.  I hope security will notice my parking pass on the dashboard in plain sight.   I should probably have also left a disclaimer.

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