Text Messaging my Son

Text messaging between me and my son when I went to pick him up from a friend’s house:

Me: Michael check in please. Where are you and when will you be home?

Michael: Sorry my phone died. I’m at JB’s.

Me: How are you getting home?

Michael: I can ask JB or you could pick me up (Son translation: I want you to come pick me up but I didn’t ask in advance and don’t want to piss you off)

Me: I’ll pick you up around 9:30 (I was in a good mood and fully prepared to live up to my consequences of having children)

Michael:  K

(This entire bout of texting was from 9:39 pm to 9:43 pm)

Me: I’m outside

Me: Still Outside

Me: Yeo – still waiting

Me: It’s safe to come outside. I already backed up.

Me: Where the hell are you?

Michael: OK

Me: Ok meaning I’ll be right there, right?

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