I Write the Songs

I was listening to the radio on my way to work this morning and started thinking that it seemed pretty darn easy to write a song.  I mean, I hear songs on the radio and think to myself: “I can write better lyrics than that.”  It’s the music part that I would struggle with. I have this dream to be able to really rock out on the drums one day.  Which is a HUGE dream given the fact that I have never even tried to play the drums in my life not to mention how uncoordinated I am.  But we all have dreams, right?

So here is my take on song lyrics – completed in 15 minutes:

Country Western Song:  

            Running the sunshine, walking in the rain
            I’m so happy we’re together again
            And I love you.  Yes, I love you.


Pop Music Song:

             Run, Run, Run in the sun, yeah!
            Feel the rain on my head, babe
            Let’s get together and
            Feel love again, yeah!

 Rap Song:

             Let me tell right now – Hey!
            I ain’t gonna let you bow out – Hey!
            Getting my rain job
            Feel me and my heart throb – Yo!

 Theatrical Musical Song:

            He was running after me
            In the quiet of a rainstorm
            I know it’s true love
            It’s a warm transformation

And okay, let’s go ahead and address the copyright issue, okay?  Feel free to plagiarize but make sure I get token acknowledgement.  And if the song goes platinum, I want $50 bucks. You can make it payable to my website.

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