Why is there a damn Sippy Cup in my car?

At this time in my life I do not want any relationship, contact or reminder of young children.  I am so done with all that.  Now, when my kids were little, I did thoroughly enjoy them.  And I thought they were cute.  Today I am in the process of getting formerly cute children out the door and on their own.  So when I got in my car to come to work today and discovered the blue sippy cup in the back seat, I was immediately pissed. 

When my husband and I go to a restaurant and the hostess tries to seat us at a table next to young children, we are going to request another table. (Especially if there is a high chair within direct viewing distance).   I have even left restaurants in search of one with an acceptable adult to children ratio.  There is a town close to our house that is known for all the young families.  When we were looking at houses to buy, we pulled up to one house, noted there were Jungle Gyms on either side and never even made it inside.  The Jungle Gyms did us in.  Needless to say we didn’t purchase a house in that town.  And we now also studiously avoid most restaurants there as well.

And when I bought a cloth baby rattle as a baby gift for my nephew’s new addition, I will admit I was secretly pleased that my son immediately gave it to our dog thinking it was a new dog toy. (They already had two – one belongs to the cat but it’s actually a Build-A-Bear toy rattle; who are we to judge?)

But back to the sippy cup.  The reason there is a sippy cup in my car is because my 19 year old daughter is friends with a guy who has a two-year-old son.   He brought his son over to our house on a Saturday.  My husband and I immediately woke up that morning (way too early, I will add) to squeals of laughter from a two-year-old.  And this wasn’t a moment when we smiled at each other and thought: “One day we will have beautiful grandchildren.  Think how lovely it will be to wake up to their charming laughter.”  No, it was more like, “WHO THE HELL LET THE DAMN TODDLER IN THE HOUSE?!”

Thank heavens for the can of Red Bull.

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