Get out of bed and go to school

When I went upstairs to my son’s room to make sure he was up for school this morning, he told me he was sick and needed to sleep in.  And I was okay with that at first because we had just made a trip to the local Urgent Care Center the day before suspecting that he had strep throat but ended up being a nasty sinus infection with a low fever. 

However, when I went downstairs I discovered that he never bothered to take the antibiotics that the doctor prescribed and I went to all the trouble to get filled.  (I am thinking more and more that I would happily skip the whole Rx insurance benefit and just pay for the medication out of pocket if I could somehow avoid a retail pharmacy).  So now I was pissed that he wanted to sleep in but didn’t bother taking the medication in the first place to make him feel better. Thus I quickly had a new mission; namely, his ass was going to get up and go to school.

All teenagers are notoriously known for the difficulty in getting them up after over two weeks of sleeping in during Christmas break.  Not being one to shy away from such a challenge, and being pissed on top of that – this was a challenge I was sure to win.  So I stood in the doorway and immediately began lecturing him that he WAS going to get up NOW and go to school since I found he did not take his medication. 

Initially it was “Go away, I’m sick.” 

To which my response was, “Well, of course you are because you didn’t take your medication.  Which, if you remember, I had to wait over 30 minutes at the pharmacy to be filled.” 

(Okay, for the record I will admit that this whole thing was probably more about the wasted time it took me to get the script filled rather than the fact that he didn’t take the medication. But as mother, I have the absolute authority to be bitchy about anything – ask any mother and they will agree).

Michael quickly changed his tune from “I’m sick” to the simple, yet ineffective “Go away.” 

Like that was going to work.  But seeing as he was not moving from his bed, I started to open up his desk drawers.

 “Well,” I said “If you aren’t going to get up, I might as well take this time to snoop through your stuff.” 

Okay, that pissed him off which I knew because he told me.  I ignored his use of a few simple curse words – I was still going to win. 

So then I started lecturing about all the soda and plastic water bottles in his room and his clear refusal to recycle which, as he knew, our family was big on recycling.  Bless his heart, he tried to ignore me. 

I then moved to his closet and opened up a box saying to myself “Wonder what’s in here?” 

At which point, it was very evident that this clearly pissed 17 year old was not going to go back to sleep. 

“FINE” he bellows. “LEAVE AND I’LL GET UP!”

I never did make it to my last and final action – lying down next to him in his bed, putting my face close to his and humming “Home on the Range” while staring at him.  When will they learn that parents will always win the Get Your Ass Up and Go to School Fight?  Well, okay.  Sometimes I immediately give in; I like to sleep in, too.

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