Super Bowl Highlights

(And trust me; this has very little to do with football…)

  1. Yes, I watched the game. Probably more than half; okay – a third. But most definitely a quarter’s worth of the time if you total it all together.
  2. My favorite commercial was the head butt with John Stamos. Has he aged gracefully or what?
  3. I was really disappointed with the eTrade baby commercial. Usually those are really funny but not this time around. The baby just wasn’t cute enough.
  4. My husband said that if I was going to watch the game, I couldn’t keep calling them “the white team” and “the blue team.”
  5. The chicken wings were too hot. But I didn’t have to make them so that isn’t really a complaint. Just an observation.
  6. I didn’t appreciate my kid’s comment about how good Madonna looked for being 53. Especially since I am nowhere near that age.
  7. If you spell check “Superbowl” you get an option of “Superb Owl.” I just thought that was rather cool.
  8. I wonder when they are going to stop referencing the wardrobe malfunction of Super Bowl 2004.
  9. A male underwear ad? During the Super Bowl? Really? Do they not know their demographics? (Not to say I didn’t enjoy it but then I doubt my husband would appreciate my buying him underwear based on a commercial of a hot guy).
  10. I think I said, “Where did the ball go?” at least 20 times.  Glad someone can keep track of where it goes.  Those fake passes fool me every time.

Yeah – Now on to spring training baseball!

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