My Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Here we go again.  Every year it is the same dilemma.  Do I HAVE to get my husband a Valentine’s Day gift?  I know I should get him a card.  Which I honestly hate doing and will put off until the last minute and then will have to forcibly remove myself from the $1.00 value cards to find one with some sappy sentimental saying on it.  And even then I will gravitate toward the funny Valentine’s cards first because I would rather give my husband one that references beer and sex than hugs and kisses.

Except this year I think I doth protest too much and now my husband is on a strike about the whole Valentine’s thing.  He said he is not getting me anything, much less a card so I don’t have to bother either. Which, to be truthful, I was quite excited to hear and then my female intuition kicked in and I thought, “Wait, is he being sarcastic?”  So I have the same quandary as before and will again roam the aisles of Walgreens the day before or the day of looking for that just so special Valentine’s Day gift for the man I love. Which will end up being a card with a red envelope and a can of salted cashew nuts; I am nothing if not consistent.

And it is a rather special day.  After all, my husband proposed to me over the phone on Valentine’s Day.  And I recorded it over my speaker phone and it is truly hilarious. That is if I could find it because I have no idea what happened to the cassette tape. 

I don’t know why I have such a negative feeling of “Chore” when it comes to this.  I mean, it isn’t like I don’t love my husband.  Because I do. I think it is just the whole “guy-like” thing that I will always struggle with.   We were in the mall on Saturday and as we walked past the Hallmark card shop, I just barely  suggested that maybe we could  go into the card store, each pick out a card, let each other read it and then put it back.  BAM!  $12.00 saved right there!  Yeah, I guess not such a great idea in retrospect.

According to the National Retail Foundation 2012 Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions survey conducted by BIGinsight, the average person is expected to spend $74.12 on their spouse or significant other this Valentine’s Day.  I could really use the $74.12 cash. But after some thought I am thinking that would probably be a bad idea to bring up, right?

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