Pictures Tell the Story…

Except you know I have to leave comments…

Even when this mailbox was decorated with Christmas decorations during the holidays it still looks sad.  I am amazed they didn’t use more duct tape.  Even more amazed when I see it still hanging in there as I drive by it each day on my way to work.

Michael’s Chore List:

Unfortunately chore #8 is listed more often than I would like.  Dumb punk cat is always bringing in critters (dead and alive) into the house.   And yes, I do realize my numbers do not match the list.  It is psychological; this way my son thinks he does more work than he really does.

Cat Search:

Well, okay guess it wasn’t THAT hard to find Boca.  And it doesn’t matter; if it is black and will attract cat hair, Boca is on it.  Probably all tired out from catching the mouse, bringing it into the downstairs bathroom and leaving an ass and tail for someone to clean up.

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