Road Weenie

This winter has been too good to be true.  We still have a ton of fireplace wood, I can take the trash outside in slippers and Casey hasn’t gotten his feet all wrapped up in wet snow once so far this winter.  So it has been really nice but luckily not nice enough for my husband to say, “Let’s take advantage of this almost 60 degree weather and do some yard work on Saturday!”

But our local road keepers were totally unprepared Monday morning when we woke up to an inch or so of snow.  Not a lot of snow, but enough to make me worry about driving. And I had absolutely promised myself that I would not be a road weenie this winter and call in late every time it snowed due to the condition of the roads.  I was going to put on my big girl panties with the padded ass and just drive in it.  Besides, I had a 9:00 meeting Monday morning.  (As a side bar, who schedules 9:00 am meetings on Monday mornings?  That is almost as bad as a 4:00 pm meeting on a Friday afternoon).

My husband left for work first so he called and told me the roads were pretty slippery and I needed to be careful driving to work.  I first had to drop off my son at school and was very thankful that we weren’t late leaving so I didn’t have to take the 15 mph curvy part of the road at my usual 40 mph in order to avoid getting a tardy voicemail message on my cell phone from the school attendance office. After dropping him off, I had a long drive on a two lane back highway.  And of course due to the roads and snow, folks were driving way too slow.  Suddenly I noticed the car in front of me fishtailing on the road.  Then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the car behind me do the same thing.  Now, both cars stayed in their lane and honestly, at first I thought the little red car in front of me was just showing off or maybe having a little fun.  But then when my tires hit the same slick spot, I instantly understood that the road was just bad. That day I was driving an all wheel drive car – which goes through gas like crazy but does have a very nice delayed back windshield wiper. So I didn’t have the slippery slide issue.  Although I think in the future I will try to have the foresight to drive between trucks or SUV’s rather than cars; from a purely safety standpoint.

The traffic report on the radio said that 75 was closed at 725 because five cars had slid off the on-ramp getting onto the highway.  Except I was almost there when I heard that and it wasn’t.  Since there really isn’t any other way for me to get to work except driving on  75, I didn’t have much of a choice anyway.  I will get off the highway on a rare occasion and use my GPS “Detour” button or just randomly drive in the direction of home and hit “Home.”  My GPS knows better than to back track me; I will drive miles out of my way before I will ever do a u-turn. And I will admit that I was just a little haughty.  My car is an official garage stored vehicle so I was able to complain when I got misted from passing cars when the snow blew off the top of their roofs.

It took me over an hour to get to work and especially irritating was the driver who actually put on their hazard lights to let everyone know that they were not only going slow, but DAMN SLOW so watch out.  But I think I have finally mastered driving during winters in Ohio so my episodes of being a road weenie should greatly decrease.  Of course that is assuming every future winter is the same as this one.

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