A note from whiny Lori

I have been in a bit of a funk for the past week.  It all started when my small electric heater broke.  So I immediately bought a new one but when I turned it on, the highest hot setting wasn’t nearly hot enough for me.  Short of placing the heater in my lap, it wasn’t going to work.  So I had to purchased a much better one – cost be damned.  My new heater works great but also flipped the breaker (again) which I quickly owned up as being my fault as my family sat in the dark for a few minutes.  Like my previous heater, I will have to only  use the second highest setting.

Then our dryer broke.  My daughter texted me: “The dryer is broke” while I was at work. Not sure what she expected me to do.  I don’t think she even knows the concept of a clothesline. So this weekend I had to schlep to the laundromat with our clothes; which immediately put me in a pissy mood:

  • Why in the hell can’t my son turn his socks right side out when he takes them off?
  • How can we, as a family, go through 72 towels in one week?
  • My son has way too many pairs of underwear.
  • I forgot to bring hangers for my husband’s 29 dress shirts.
  • I thought it was funny when I put $20 into the quarter change machine and then yelled “JACKPOT!” when my quarters came out. No one else did.
  • My daughter’s dirty clothes are way too clean.  I borrowed her laundry basket and thought the clothes in it were clean so left them on her bed.  Nope, they were dirty and since she was at work and not available, I had no way to call her. Since her clothes were the only ones I didn’t wash, I will definitely hear about her pissiness for the rest of the week.

And then today was garbage day.  I did most of it last night but knew my son didn’t do his part so had to go up into his room this morning to clean it out.  I hate going into his room; it is just scary evil in there.

I also decided to grab the garbage from the basement.  When I went to the can and grabbed the bag to pull it out, something moved.  Which totally freaked me out.  When I could breathe again, I tried it again and discovered a live mouse in the bottom of the can.  Since I knew enough about quantum physics to know that this little mouse would be physically unable to climb out of the tall can, I took the can to the back patio door to let the mouse out.  Except when I pulled back the blinds, I discovered a dead mouse lying next to the door.  And then when I opened the patio doors, I found 1½ dead mouse carcasses outside on the patio. I immediately began to lecture Boca-cat that I simply could not deal with all this mouse shit but he only yawned at me and sat there waiting for me to let the mouse out of the garbage can so he could go catch him again.

And finally, my body knows it is day light savings and is totally pissed off about it.

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