Basketball and Politics

I know absolutely nothing about basketball. And I would never write a blog about politics.  (My husband never knows who I vote for; it’s my small way of keeping the mystery in our relationship).

But I ended up face to face with both this past Tuesday.

I left work around 6:30 pm.  And I took my usual route via I-75 South to go home.  Except there was this police car blocking the on ramp to the interstate.

“Weird,” I thought but not to be deterred, I simply turned right and proceeded to State Route 4 which I knew would take me directly to S 75.  Except that on ramp was blocked as well.  Now I am getting a bit perturbed;  after all I just wanted to go home.

My next step was to go to my GPS and hit “Go Home.”  This action led me to US Route 35 which was open and accessible.  “Thank heaven!” I thought and plugged in my iPod to my “driving home” playlist.  Happily listening to “Soldier of Love” by Donny Osmond, I was good to go.  Until I followed the signs to US 75 and there was the cop car yet again.  Lights flashing and obviously NOT letting anyone onto the freeway.

At this point I actually considered giving up and going back to work for a few hours.  And I also wondered why I was personally being targeted on my quest to get home.

I was then forced to take an exit to downtown.  I do not like driving in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  I can never find a parking place and even when I did I would discover that they didn’t take credit cards and I invariably wouldn’t have any  cash.  One way streets drive me crazy and having 8 traffic lights in a quarter mile stretch of road is absurd.  But there I was, hopelessly lost while aimlessly driving around.  I just wanted to go home! (Channeling E.T. didn’t help).

My GPS just kept trying to take me to US 75.  I tried to trick the GPS by putting in the address to my doctor’s office – from there I knew how to drive back roads home but that didn’t work either (And at that point I swear my GPS was just screwing with me to piss me off even more. That or it was getting back at me for all the “recalculating” I made it do).

I finally came across a sign indicating Route 48 – YEAH!  I knew how to get home from there without getting on 75.  An added bonus was that it took me right by a Starbucks.

An hour and 45 minutes later, I walked into the house.  My husband immediately asked, “Did you have any issues with the roads since Obama and the prime minister is visiting to watch the basketball game?”

Damn politics and basketball.

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