A review of Spam email

For the past several weeks, I have been gathering some spam emails.  I have no idea how the marketing works and I am simply amazed that spammers would think anyone who has even a smitchen of intelligence would bother.  But below are a few of them that I did take exactly 4 seconds to wonder…


Indoor Banana Tree   –      Grow your own bananas for pennies
        Damn!  I would really like to grow my own bananas!  For Pennies!
Jobs@careerbuilder.com      –     SPAM! Job Offer
         This has to be a good job, right?
Tomoko Malika  – We promise that you will be thrilled with every bag You buy from us
          Bag can have so many different meanings

 Living Research Institute     –   4 Dangers Destroying Men                         However, I can get the answer to that just by asking my husband


 Get Back to Me       –          Please get back to me
        Can we be more pitiful?  And Why?
 JOHANNA     –        JOHANNA has some pictures for you!
         Why do I get the feeling these aren’t the “Week in Pictures” kind?
 Engagement Rings  –  Top quality engagement rings 80% OFF with lifetime guarantee
           Too bad the lifetime guarantee doesn’t come with the wedding as well, right?    
 Forklifts           –            Compare these forklifts and save!
            Seriously, how in the hell did I get on THIS mailing list?  I swear my husband had better not have signed me up for a heavy equipment training program again.
 The Daily Deal              –  Free!  Knives, Monkeys, Up to 54% off Digital Cameras
 I can’t even imagine how one can realistically combine knives, monkeys and digital cameras in one sentence.
 ADRIANA                   –        Hey Babe I Freakin MISS you!
 OMG!  I FREAKIN miss you, too!
 Claim Your Coffee               –    Love Starbucks? Free $100 Coffee Giveaway!
 In my heart I know this is a gimmick but damn what I would do for a free $100 in Starbucks!
 Spirit Now    – VERY URGENT Information that will affect your IMMEDIATE FUTURE
That reminds me, I need to check my horoscope.  
 Orgreenic Holiday Offer   –      Cook Healthier Meals this Holiday
 Again, how could I have gotten on this mailing list?  Someone  definitely screwed up on the marketing demographic if they are sending this to me.
 Fried Chicken Survey       –     $100 KFC Gift Card FREE – see details
 They so had me at “Fried Chicken Survey.”





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