Conversations with my Family

Discussion with my 19 year old daughter, Christina:

Me:  “I had this recruiter call me three times this week.  You would think that if I don’t call him back, he would get the message.”
Christina:  “A recruiter called you?  How did he get your name?”
Me: “Probably off Linked In – sure wish he would quit calling me.”
Christina:  “But mom, why would anyone ask you to join the army?”

Text messaging my son who was camping with some friends:

Me:  Be wood!
Me:  I meant Be good!
Michael:  See you tomorrow
Me:  Be Good in the Wood!
Michael:  Mom, quit texting me.

Email message to my husband:

Imagine my SURPRISE when I got ready to leave and ASSUMED that you had loaded all my stuff into my car.  And the reason I assumed this?  BECAUSE YOU BROUGHT THE DAMN DONUTS IN!!  But NOOOOOOOOO I had to make three trips in the rain to put everything in my car INCLUDING your stupid package and I couldn’t even use an umbrella.   AND then I had to schlep to the post office and do the same thing.

You owe me slave for the weekend.  (Just so you know in advance that means I get to sleep in until 3 pm and will stay in jama clothes all weekend, eat sunflower seeds and watch movies on the Lifetime Movie Network.  And you can’t bitch).

Love, Lori

Actually, I stole the donuts and was in the car ready to leave.  Then I felt guilty that I took food from our children and brought them inside.

Good thing you wrote “Love Lori” at the end of the email cause I could swear that you were whining and bitching.

Love, Michael

One response to “Conversations with my Family

  1. I am laughin so hard

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