Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop Weekend – Here I come!

It is with excitement and trepidation that I am attending the annual Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop at the University of Dayton this weekend.  I have been looking forward to the workshop ever since I entered a story into the 2012 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition.  And received this feedback from a judge:

I enjoyed this story but I would advise the author to revise with an eye towards keeping the tense consistent.

YES!! I didn’t win but I got feedback! Which immediately made me think that I need to enroll in a basic writing class.  It has been a very long time since I have been in school and finding typo’s in books probably doesn’t count.  And, yes I do understand that I tend to digress onto too many topics.  But if you are REALLY SMART; well then you will be able to keep up with my train of thought, right?

When I moved out to attend college after high school,  I used to write these very long, detailed letters to my parents.  I usually wrote them while I was doing laundry in the dorm laundry mat.   After my mom finished my letter, my dad would ask her, “What did Lori have to say?”  To which my mom’s answer was: “Well, really nothing.”  But my mom always told me that was my gift; that I could write a 12 page letter which was very entertaining but actually had very little useful content.  (Not to mention all the cute little pictures I used to draw in the margins).

When people ask me what kind of writer I am, I usually describe myself as “Whiny Erma Bombeck- Like.”  I didn’t know when we moved to Ohio that I would be able to take advantage of this workshop and hope to learn more about my genre of humor writing and also meet some really cool people.  As an added bonus I also get to ride a shuttle bus and hand out my business cards that my husband so thoughtfully made for me.  I don’t think I really needed 2,000 of them but one must dream, right?

BTW, if I have confused tense again, please disregard.  I haven’t attended the workshop yet.

One response to “Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop Weekend – Here I come!

  1. Lori, You are like Erma Bombeck! You need your own feature in the papers like she had. I always look forward to “Laff with Lori”

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