Administrative Professionals Day

Yesterday was Administrative Professionals Day where anyone who has any kind of office support should take the time to give a card, flowers, candy, cake, paid week vacation – something – to let their Administrative Professional know that they are appreciated and an important component to keeping those pesky sales calls off your private line.

My friend, Karen, asked if I could put together a short poem that she could read to her Administrative Office staff in celebration of the day.  Karen works in the State Welfare office in Nevada.  A job that definitely is overworked and underpaid!

So, in honor of all the Administrative Professionals – A Poem:

Working in Welfare is lots of fun
Especially for admin assistants; they’re all #1!
Every day is a thrill with new stuff to learn
Definitely making the money they earn.
“I need help right away”
“Who me? I’m not drunk”
“Yes, they are all mine, plus I have one in the trunk”
They keep to procedure
In that special state welfare way
But still manage their furloughs
(You know, those days without pay)
And then there are the bosses
Who constantly complain
“OMG I’m sooooo busy”
You know – the one’s with no brains.
Clients do not have their paperwork,
Their kids run amok
They say they need money
You say WTF?
Especially noted
Your efforts and smiles
And know I am thankful
Now get busy and file.

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