Weird Dreams

This morning was the same as usual:  I got up at 6:50 am, turned on the coffee and went upstairs to wake up my son.  And, as usual his greeting to me was “I’M UP!”

I then go downstairs and wait the requisite 10 minutes until I hear him up and moving.  When I didn’t hear it, I started to loudly whistle the “Andy Griffin” music theme and made my way back up the stairs.  But this time I had a sad, sickly response stating that he had a headache and could I please bring him some aspirin?  I immediately changed from the irritating as hell mom into the extraordinary great mom, stopped whistling and fetched two Tylenol and some orange juice. 

“So what are you going to do about school?” I asked him.

“Can you do a 20 and snooze me?” he responded.  Now, that is such a Lori-response.  I swear I had my husband trained to “do a 20/30/45 and snooze me” for years until he got tired of it and rebelled.  Thank heavens for cell phone alarms.

I took the opportunity to go back to bed and snooze myself.  When I fall back to sleep in the mornings, I often have rather weird mini-dreams.  I always remember them and if I keep waking up, they just get more and more bizarre.  I ended up having three dreams about my son:

  1. He told me during a very serious discussion that he had decided to quit high school and get his GED.  Despite my arguing that he had less than one month to graduate from his high school and I had already ordered his cap and gown, he was insistent on dropping out.
  2. He then informed me that he was going to move to Canada.  He said he had met some transient homeless guy who was from there and was willing to return to Canada if Michael would drive.  I did remind Michael that A) He didn’t have his driver’s license, B) Didn’t have a car, and C) Exactly what kind of living did he expect to do in Canada and BTW – Why the hell Canada?
  3. This was a continuation of dream #2 except during this conversation my son had a baby carrier with an infant sleeping inside it. When we moved from one room to another, he grabbed the carrier and brought the baby with him.  And I remember saying to myself in my dream that I really needed to ask about the baby but was too damned afraid.

Finally after 1.5 hours of snooze notices, my son decided to stay home for the day.  I went to work but told myself the first chance I had, I really needed to have a “there will be no baby” talk with my son.

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