Happy Mother’s Day!

I came across this article: “What not to give for Mother’s Day” on Kaboodle.com:

  •  Gag gifts
  • Anything as seen on TV
  • Diet Books
  • Spanx
  • World’s Best Mom Necklace
  • Winkle Cream
  • Smartshopper 301 Grocery List Organizer
  • Household appliances.

As you know, Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Frankly all I want is to be able to sleep in until noon, not have anyone ask me what is for dinner and have someone take my car through the car wash for me (I have this unexplained phobia about driving my car through the automatic car wash). But I also don’t know if I agree 100% with the above sentiments:

Gag Gifts – This goes along the lines of do you get mom a sentimental mooshy card or a funny one? You know, I can’t remember (nor do I keep) any of the sentimental cards but I do remember one from my daughter years back. It went something like this:

FRONT: I stood in front of the card section in the store and looked and looked until I could find just the perfect card for my perfect mother…

BACK: And then I heard your voice in my ear telling me to hurry up and just  choose a damn card.

Anything as seen on TV – What can I say? I really like my Ahhh Bra, Oven Glove and Bert the Farting Hippo.

Diet Books – Yeah, not going to read them

Spanx – I can squish all my fat using control top pantyhose, thank you very much

World’s Best Mom Necklace – You know I kind of miss those days when I got to wear my kids horrible gifts that they made when they were little. I still have the wooden house decorated with markers lapel pin that Christina made for me when she was a Brownie. And I can also honestly say that I have the wooden bird that Michael decorated for me when he was little on my filing cabinet at work.

Wrinkle Cream – too late. Sigh.

Smartshopper 301 Grocery List Organizer – Now, you can get this for me if you want but I will do the same thing I always do. Make a detailed list and then forget to bring it with me to the store and buy all the featured items in the aisles anyway.

Household Appliances – I usually buy these on Father’s Day.

So to all you mom’s out there – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!   May you have one special day that is restful, relaxed and free of all those annoying mom duties!

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