The End of Public Education

I am finally and forever done with public school! I have had this day marked on my Outlook Calendar for two years: Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 5:00 pm Last Day EVER for School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Yes, each and every exclamation point is needed). My son has graduated high school. At his commencement ceremony, I was surprised to feel the same emotion that I felt when he graduated from preschool some 13 years earlier.  Not enough to wish it not to end but at the same time recognizing that my little baby boy is growing up. I have a work colleague who told me this week she has one son entering kindergarten in the fall and the other will be a senior in high school. Bless. Her. Heart. Because I know I could never go there.

I took a lot of time to find just that perfect graduation card for my son. I knew all he will see is the cash inside but I did want to make sure the sentiment was accurate. My husband went the usual route – What a Great Achievement; You Have your Dreams Ahead of You, Congratulations, etc. Mine was more personal. FRONT OF CARD: You Graduated! INSIDE OF CARD: Flunking Unbelievable!

I got his Digital Design teacher (where he spent most of the last two years in lab) a $50 restaurant gift card for all his hard work. I can honestly say that Mr. B. always believed in Michael and was a friend as well as a teacher. Michael definitely put his energy into doing just the bare minimum needed to get that diploma. I will never have to hear another teacher tell me that Michael “needs to work to his potential.” Because we all know he is not. But we also know how witty, intelligent and non-rule abiding that he is as well.    I can’t wait to see how that translates into a full time career.

My son also turns 18 on Saturday. He has already told me he is going to have “one bitching pool party” to celebrate. I have a very easy method of keeping said bitching party in control.

“Michael, the minute I see anything I don’t like, I will be outside. You understand that, right? And when I come outside, I will be wearing my bathing suit. And I am referring to the skimpy one, okay? Just so we are clear.”

I am sure there will be no problems.

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