LWL Week in Pictures

My husband made me promise not to let anyone park on the lawn for my son’s graduation party.  Here is proof that teenagers simply do not listen (I told my son he was responsible to fluff the lawn after everyone left).

This is called “A Puffy Puppy Cheeto” before Casey’s grooming appointment.  And my husband told me, “We are NOT going to spend $80 bucks getting  Abbey a bath just so she can go with Casey to keep him company!”  Ummm, yeah, we are.  That way they know they are both being punished.

And here is the “after” picture – the “Puppy Crunchy  Cheeto” look!  This is also the look that Casey has when he is at the top of the stairs and Boca-cat is at the bottom waiting for him to come down so he can swat him.  Casey will sit there forever waiting for Boca to leave.

(For the record, the official name for Casey’s haircut is:  Puppy Cut with a Teddy Bear Head).

I recently stayed at a nice hotel in San Diego.  My only concern was the soap that they used.  I mean, just looking at this soap I was worried an accident would occur.  And how do you handle that call? 

“Hello, front desk?  Please call 911.  I just got stabbed by your bar of soap.”

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