Vacation Memories

My one week vacation is officially over and I am back to the daily grind.  I guess I am still a little miffed that I was ill (think lots of Imodium, an Urgent Care visit in the state of Alabama, a 7.5 hour car trip and the fact that I was going to get home NO MATTER WHAT).  At least I got to spend some quality time with my husband (“You need to come fix the toilet; it’s stopped up again) and my son (“Can you drive me to the drug store for more medicine?”).  Thank heavens for family and I am sure they appreciated that I did try to sterilize everything before I left.  But most importantly, that I left.

My son did a great job driving 921 miles.  He got lots of practice and now knows the difference between an on ramp and a passing lane.  (Whoops – almost ran out of room there) and how difficult it is to navigate between semi trucks.  But we all have to learn how to drive sandwiched between two semi trucks.  I still get nervous when it happens to me.   And I think the construction in Nashville bothered my husband (co-pilot and instructor) more than my son.  At least from what I could hear before I turned on my iPod to drown out the nagging – I mean detailed driving instructions. 

The best thing was that my son and I got to gang up on my husband and stop a lot.  Even though we missed every single Starbucks. Although I will comment that he definitely has to work on his ummmm, ranking of acceptable rest areas.  I didn’t like this one too much:

 (Yes, that is a dead moth on the sink.  The sad part was that I was compelled to take a paper towel, wipe him up and throw him away).  And we all had a cow with the gas prices.  I mean, WTF?!  If only someone could explain to me in 1st grader terms or less how the daily price of gas is decided.   And a pack of Pal Mals for only $3.27?  What a deal!

But I don’t think anything is going to beat the BBQ sign.  What totally got me was the slogan “Tastes so Good it will Make you Smack your Mama.”  Whoever was in charge of marketing was a genius.  Unfortunately we had already eaten for the day and I was still looking for that Starbucks.

I had a plan to take pictures of people in cars as they passed us on the highway but decided it was too invasive.  Besides, I couldn’t figure out how to get someone to give me the finger to make it interesting.  Maybe next vacation.

2 responses to “Vacation Memories

  1. Lori, I can’t believe how calm you are with teenage drivers! If not for you, I don’t know if Alina would ever have gotten her license… 🙂 by the time it was Patrick’s turn, I couldn’t take it anymore and enrolled him in driving school!
    I’m sorry you were sick on your vacation, thats something that happens to me… it sucks.

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