Dating Advice for the Drunk

While on vacation, we got to see downtown Nashville on a Saturday night.  Jeff, Julie, Michael and I had an adult evening out to see the sights.  I have never been to Nashville before so it was exciting for me.  Believe it or not you can still smoke in the bars in Nashville.  And there are a lot of these little bitty cute bars with live entertainment.  Beer was cheap and the music was pretty good for no cover.  There were also a lot of street performers.  I did appreciate the guy playing the little kid musical instrument.  Nothing like country music on a Rainbow Glockenspiel.   I noticed he didn’t get very many tips.

I think the high point of the night was when this guy invited me to come sit with him at his table as Julie and I returned from chatting outside.  My first thought was “Oh yeah, I still got it!”  But then my second thought was “Damn, how drunk is he?!”  

I quickly evaluated the situation:

  1. He was drinking a girly drink (assume it was – the drink was long gone but the glass sure was prissy)
  2. He had a totally inappropriate t-shirt on 
  3. Aaarghhh the shoes.  That’s all – the shoes.  Sigh.
  4. He was jamming waaaayyy too much to the sole acoustic player at the front of the bar and
  5. He was drunk.  Not just a little bit drunk but BITCHIN’ drunk.

In hindsight maybe I should have joined him just to provide some much needed advice on how to pick up women in a Nashville bar.  But then I figured eventually my husband would have to come find me and then it might be a little bit awkward.   For the drunk guy, I mean.

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