Soliciting Positive Energy

I was told recently that I needed to have “postive energy.”  To which I immediately thought, “Crap.  I’m not so good at that.”  I do believe in the “positive attitude” theory and everyone wants to be around someone who is happy and positive vs. someone who is negative and whiny.   Here are some areas that I can work on:

  • I take Zumba twice per week.  For some reason I always get stuck on the side of the room where vending is located.  So I get to jump and jiggle (trust me, it is jiggle) while looking at mini chocolate covered donuts.  So next class I think I am going to positively reward myself with chocolate.
  • Here is my visual on Positive Energy.  How can one not be positive looking at Casey being all cute snuggled in the covers?

  • I am positive my children will soon leave home and become responsible adults working in good jobs.  (Yeah, I know but I still say the same prayer every morning).
  • I will quit getting pissed off when someone else drives my car and changes all my radio buttons.  Then again, this would probably not happen so often if I would quit leaving the radio full blast on a Spanish speaking station in their car.
  • And finally, I am positive I will one day win the lottery.  Because someone has to and it might as well be me.

One response to “Soliciting Positive Energy

  1. I am positive no matter how positive you are there is some smuck who doesn’t get it and thinks you are being mean. Is it our fault they are stupid? I’m positive it is not. So I say be negative it makes stupid people happy and isn’t that what we are going for happy people?

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