Does anyone else know there is a Helium shortage?

Because my 20-year-old daughter, Christina, is very upset about this fact given that she is going to have her 20th birthday party this weekend and there will be no balloons.  Well, except for the ones that she blows up.  And while I know she did not like my idea of using punch balloons (who doesn’t like punch balloons?)  I am pretty sure that is going to be the only alternative. 

And I tried, I really did. I called numerous Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores to ask if they had helium for their $1 balloons.  And none of them did.  Party Store did have helium but said there was a “two balloon limit” for each customer.  Now, it isn’t that Christina isn’t worth two balloons; it’s just that the store was too far away for only two balloons. 

I googled to find out why there is a helium shortage.  I did not know that “helium is the second most abundant element in the universe” and “the natural gas fields near Amarillo, Texas is where the U.S. government maintains the country’s largest helium storehouse.”  Now, this is more information than I really needed and it still didn’t explain why the shortage, but as a responsible parent, I needed to make sure my daughter knew I was not intentionally ruining her birthday party by not getting her a dozen helium balloons.

Besides, there were lots of party stuff to choose from at the Dollar Store.  Christina picked out plates, decorations, glow sticks, those special cups you need for that popular drinking game and while I thought for sure she was going to go with the bedazzled princess birthday tiara, she ultimately chose the pink birthday girl ribbon pin. 

I did have to tell her numerous times that she was “going to be 20; not 12” so goodie bags were out.  But I did get a great piece of poster board for my own creation:

So we will wish Christina a happy 20th birthday while her dad and I take off for the weekend.  I wanted to go to a bed and breakfast and have dinner at Panera Bread; however,  we are probably going to end up at the casino in Indiana.   But don’t worry.  My birthday is coming up later this year.  And I want a sparkly poster board – with absolutely no reference to my age.

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