My Trip to the Aquarium

It was a toss-up between being with lots of children under the age of 10 or a bunch of 20-year-olds recuperating from a late night birthday party. 

So we decided to go to the Newport Aquarium for the afternoon.  In hindsight we may have had more fun with the tired party kids.  I swear I hope never to see so many strollers in one place again in my life. And I have to wonder whose bright idea it was to have bongos within reach of 5-year-olds.  On a positive note, I now know how to turn the flash off on my camera.  Because there were…. FISH!

 Lots and lots of tiny fish!  I didn’t spend any time reading the educational information. I was pretty much lost at “Oooohhh, look at how pretty and sparkly they are!”

And then there were THE CRABS.  I guess these two were pissed at each other and ready to fight.  Despite the “Fight! Fight! Fight!” chanting, they just stood there.  Like this – forever.  Not moving.  Well, they would move just enough so you knew they weren’t dead.                                                               

There was a bird sanctuary that was named after me:  Lorikeet.  But we didn’t go inside.  And the reason we did not go in was because I still remembered back in 1998 when we went into a bird sanctuary and I got bird shit all over my hair.  Definitely wasn’t going to go there again.  

I did take an awesome picture of the coral – probably the best one of all since I was flash – challenged. 

 And okay, I will admit it was probably wrong of me to tell  little toddler Brooklyn that her daddy was leaving her but I really wanted a good shot at Mr. Crocodile and she was simply in the way:

I remember when we lived in Florida and there was a canal behind our house.  There was this one crocodile that would visit us sometimes.  The crocodile wasn’t as scary as that stupid snapping turtle that my son, Michael, must have caught 20 times when he went fishing in the canal.   I bet that turtle is still there.  With Michael’s fishing hooks still stuck in him.

I do have more pictures – I’ll just have to go through them to find the ones that don’t have the flash in the middle.  Or maybe I can be creative and crop the flash out. During the whole tour I kept thinking we were going to be able to go outside and get away from the children.  I guess I didn’t quite get the concept of “Aquarium” being inside entertainment.  It’s just that all that  kid noise would dissipate so much nicer outside.

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