LWL Pictures of the Week

This is obviously needed for the total spaz who thinks they can walk a concrete balance beam.  While drunk.  And barefoot. With or without an audience.  Now, why did I immediately think of my son when I saw this…?

Every since we took Casey to the vet to have some teeth removed he has been sticking his tongue out.  I don’t know if he is even aware that he does this since he now has a gap on his bottom teeth.  WTH – he is and always will be too cute to care.

Where were these when my kids were little?  “Now, Michael. Since you didn’t listen and painted the cat green after I explicitely told you not to, you now have to go into your little plastic ball for the next 4 hours.” 

Yeah, Boca looks so quiet and calm.  Except when I did yardwork yesterday I discovered 3 mice, a mole and 2 birds dead on the lawn.  I was sent to pick up branches before mowing the lawn; not dead vermin.  Punk Cat.

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