Am I Not Prayer-Worthy?

Recently I was bemoaning my current household vehicle dilemma with a good friend:

  1. A mini-van that is draining us not by nickels and dimes, but by twenties and $100’s.  Continually.  For months.
  2. An 18 year son that has started college (good) but now needs a method of transportation to get to classes (bad).
  3. Reworking our current expenses related to the almost $2000 that we recently spent to replace our daughter’s car engine.  You know, the one she blew out because she forgot to put oil in it.  (“Oops, sorry.” She said)
  4. My husband keeps mentioning that if we are going to get a new car, he wants a sports car.  He is using the following angle:  “Remember, you DID forget our anniversary again this year.” (“Oops, sorry.”  I said)

Of course, the solution to my problem is to get more money.  And the easiest way to do this is to win the lottery.  So I told my friend that I was going to start praying every day for “financial blessings.”  To which my friend responded:  “No offense, but let me do this praying for you.” 

Which confused me.  I mean, am I doing it wrong?  Am I not prayer worthy enough for our Good Lord to hear?  Does God, as a general rule, listen to my friend’s prayers more than mine?  Should I confess my sins and ask for forgiveness first and then ask for money?

At any rate, I will continue with this plan of action until something better comes up.  Unless someone else wins the lottery and would like to donate a couple of cars to pitiful me.  I would be open to that idea as well.  And in return, I will make sure to have my friend pray for special blessings in thanks for the donation.

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