Take Me Out To The Ball Game

This past weekend my husband and I went to a Cincinnati Reds and LA Dodgers baseball game.  Being a huge and long time Dodger fan, my husband lives for when the Reds play the Dodgers every year.  We go to at least two of the three game series.   Attending these games always reminds me of when we were first married.  We spent our vacation being “Dodger Groupies” and followed the team in  Florida during Spring Training.  Something that has NEVER happened again.  (What I mostly remember about that vacation is eating popcorn and hot dogs while reading a book during the games).

This year was a little different in that Michael purchased tickets that included all you can eat food and non-alcoholic beverages.   That resulted in the comment from my husband: “I can’t believe you are eating a salad at a ball game.  You are so ruining this experience for me.”  For the record, they also had Pork Lo Mein; another ball park favorite.  But there was A TON of food to choose from and the line for beer wasn’t long at all.  Another benefit of having good tickets.

Michael is a walking dictionary of Major Baseball.  He knows which players used to play for which team, when they were traded and why; what injuries the players have had, their batting statistics and a whole ton of other information that I have absolutely no interest in but will listen politely. 

As for myself, I have two areas of baseball knowledge:

  1. Who is (or was) married to what famous person according to People Magazine and
  2. The fact that Matt Kemp totally ruined my one and only try at playing  fantasy baseball league one year because he totally sucked.  (I don’t care how great he is doing now or the fact that he totally saved the game by ending a tie in the 10th inning that night – I am and forever will be pissed).

Then there was this family:

They were a bit weird.  (Michael told me he will never say that our son is a momma’s boy again).  When Michael said the word “ass,”  the dad politely asked that he not use profanity in front of his children. . .  given that comment, I would go ahead and make the assumption that the “Kiss Cam” must be considered  porno. But Okay.  We made sure to say “Gosh Darn!” after that so his children would not be offended.  

The Dodgers won in the 10th inning.   I was a little worried about going into extra innings but only because I didn’t bring a book with me.

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