It’s All in my Head

I knew a migraine was coming before I left work.  As soon as I realized it was on its way, I quickly left in order to avoid driving home in pain.  This means I have to stay in the right lane with eyes straight ahead, no iPod blasting Barry Manilow songs and quietly pray that I didn’t need to perform any defensive driving maneuvers.

Once home I immediately inform everyone that I have a migraine.  They know the rules – no loud noises, don’t bother me and oh yeah, especially don’t come ask me what is for dinner because this will set off a contingency migraine – which will happen once I sack said questioner with a book, alarm clock or cell phone; whichever one I grab and throw first.

Because I don’t get these very often I can only rely on over the counter medications.  To add to my misery, I am also fighting a sinus infection and taking antibiotics thanks to a failed root canal. I am thinking that if I break some bone in my body maybe, just maybe, my husband will give me a little pity but so far he just doesn’t think I have enough ailments.  Not that my whining stops.  Just adds to it.

As soon as I got home, I immediately took one of my antibiotics, two extra strength Tylenol and two sinus meds.  And went to bed.  And moaned.  Casey scratched on the bedroom door not understanding why he couldn’t come and bother me.   Hearing my husband talk to my son through the wall just boomed in my head.  All I could do was try and put pressure on the front and top of my head and try to fall asleep.  Because if I can fall asleep, 98% of the time, I will wake up headache free.

But sleep was not to come.  So after an hour or so, I got up and took 2 Excedrin Migraine PM. Perfect, right?  Get rid of headache PLUS put me to sleep.  And back to bed I go.  Michael came in and asked if I needed anything.  I told him no and go away.  Had to get up and turn off the bathroom night light as it was too bright in the bedroom.

Hour 3: No change.  Hearing dog’s toenails walking on wooden floor sounds like gun blasts.  Neighbor kids playing next door is loud and irritating.  I am pissed every time I have to get up and pee.

Hour 4:  Gave up and let Casey in the room. He was good and just laid on the bed.  Then had to get up and let Abbey in as well so she didn’t feel left out.  Yelled because someone used up all the ZZZquil.  Guzzled Nyquil directly from the bottle.

Hour 5:  Daughter asks if she can watch TV in my room since dad is watching a ball game.  Told her to go away.  Okay, used profanity; but later apologized.

Hour 6: Seriously wondered if I should ask my husband to wrap pantyhose around my head r-e-a-l-l-y tight to put more pressure and maybe relieve headache pain.  Decided request was too kinky even for me.  Took last OTC sleeping pill.

Hour 7:  Blissful sleep.  However woke up around midnight to my husband loudly sighing and grabbing his pillow and leaving the bedroom.  Didn’t realize until the next day that what he saw was a box full of used snotty Kleenexes’ all over his side of the bed.  Told myself that depending upon how long I want him to sleep in the office, I will need to wash the sheets in hot water with bleach before he will sleep with me again.  I’m okay with that.

One response to “It’s All in my Head

  1. Positive energy being sent your way! I hope you are feeling better.

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