My Name is Lori

I have been an addict of salted, in the shell sunflower seeds since age 12.  And I put the blame of my addiction on my childhood friend, Toni Martinez, who introduced me to salted sunflower seeds and Diet Dr Pepper at the same time.  I was hooked.  Immediately and without restraint.

I liked nothing better than to curl up with a book, empty a nest of seeds on my chest and eat and spit and read for hours.  My husband learned early on in our marriage that if he wanted a night out, all he had to do was purchase a book and seeds and say goodbye.

And then I began to have issues as I got older.  I swear it first started when I was pregnant with Michael.  It seemed that every time I ate sunflower seeds, I would get spastic cramps and diarrhea.  It didn’t help when I complained to my obstetrician and the advice I received was to “quit eating sunflower seeds.”

What?  Seriously?  After almost 15 years you expect me to just quit? I was more than upset.  Unfortunately my husband didn’t give me any support at all.

“If they make you sick,” he said, “why do you insist on eating them?”

Slowly I caved in.  And quit.  For several years.  But then one day I was out shopping and there in its awesome glory was a package of David & Sons Salted Sunflower Seeds. Just calling out my name and begging me to buy it.

I’ll get it and only eat a few.” I told myself.

Like THAT has ever happened in my entire life.  Once a bag is opened, it isn’t over until the last seed is gone.  But after eating the whole bag, I was amazed. No cramps.  No illness, no running to the bathroom.  Jubilation!  Celebration!  I was back to my addiction. With one exception.  It was Diet Pepsi and Sunflower Seeds this time.

And this continued for quite a few years until (sigh) it started happening again.  You could almost time it.  Ate seeds in the evening, by mid afternoon the next day I would be dying in the bathroom. But did it stop me?  No.  I will admit it did make me slow down on my seed consumption but completely swear off seeds?  I simply couldn’t.

Fast forward to today.  Like a true addict, regular sunflower seeds just doesn’t work for me anymore.  I have become more selective in my seeds of choice.  My top preference is David & Son’s Jumbo seeds.  Except they are becoming more and more difficult to find.  Then one day I discovered Dakota Style Jumbo Sunflower seeds at my local Wal-mart.  Since I could not find my regular brand, I took a chance.

And they were good.  Not only were they good, but they didn’t make me sick 20 hours later.  The thrill!  The happiness!  The fact that they were ALWAYS available at my local Wal-mart was beyond wonderful.

Until today.

Today I found all my Dakota Style sunflower seeds in their bright yellow packages in the clearance shelves.  Like a soon to be discarded waste, the product no longer seemed to fit into the Wal-mart product of choice.

So I did what any other self proposed addict would do – I bought them all.  And then asked my husband to hide them so it would keep me from eating all of them in a week’s time.  Which I meant at the time.  But like any addict, I immediately changed my mind.  And now I simply have to find out where he hid them.

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