LWL Bits and Pieces

  • My daughter took her car in to be serviced.  This was the first time EVER she was expected to pay for the entire bill.  When the garage guy asked her the mileage on her car, she said, “600,000.” 
“600,000? Really Christina?” I responded.
“What?” she answered “Is that too low?”
(It was 160,000)
“Well, I knew there was a ‘60’ in there somewhere.” She said.
  •  My husband walked out the door for work and forgot to take his lunch which was sitting in plain view on the kitchen table. 

“Score!” I thought as I grabbed it on my way out.  Yeah!  Free lunch for me!

At lunchtime I opened up his lunchbox to discover black-eyed peas, raw carrots and a water bottle. 

I had microwave popcorn for lunch.

  • Living in Morehead KY taught me one valuable lesson – don’t ever buy a trash compactor because if it breaks you will have absolutely NO ONE who will come and fix it. 
  • Yeah, I bought it.  No, I have no idea what it is.  This is a sign that I have been watching WAY too many cooking shows (Trust me, this will remain in my pantry until 2015 or the next boy scout food drive; whichever comes first)


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