Our Dog Eats Cat Food

We recently took all three pets to the vet for their annual visit.  Yorkie-dog Casey was the worst, as usual.  He actually made the vet inject himself in the hand with his rabies vaccination.  The vet was nice about it but I still blame Christina who raised him.  Previous groomers have called Casey “Wiggle Worm Squirmy” and “Full of Energy.”  When our current groomer gave Casey his first haircut and bath, she told Christina “Your dog is a Brat.” I love honest people.  (I think the only difference between the groomer and the vet is that we have to pay the vet a lot more so he feels like he has to be more politically pet correct).

And then there is the whole food issue. 

Our Golden Retriever, Abbey cannot eat canned dog food.  No, I take that back. She can eat canned dog food but you are also guaranteed she will have doggie diarrhea afterwards.  So the only dog food she gets is dry dog food.  But Abbey knows anything is better than her dry dog food.  So she will eat the leftover canned cat food, Casey’s canned dog food, Boca’s dry cat food and any food left in the trash or counter (called counter-surfing in dog lingo). The only thing Abbey will not eat is Boca’s dead vermin that he brings into the house and leaves in the downstairs bathroom.

And when Abbey eats canned cat food, she farts.  And they are stealthy and stinky. I can’t tell you how many arguments my husband and I had about who is farting in the bedroom at night until we finally realized it was the dog. 

Now, Casey likes canned dog food or dry cat food or steak.  But only the good steak; don’t try to give him the fat or gristle because he won’t eat it.  He has been eating dry cat food for the past nine years.  Our vet said it is okay for a dog to eat cat food, but it isn’t okay for the cat to eat dog food.  Which is fine because our cat, Boca, will only eat cat food (well, except for the vermin that he catches and selectively eats).   And Boca loves canned cat food early in the morning but only the gravy part of the food; he leaves the rest in his bowl. And if there isn’t dry cat food throughout the day you can count on being bitten in the ankles until his bowl is filled.      

The other day Boca got into the food pantry and used Abbey’s bag of dry dog food as a scratching post to sharpen up his claws.  All that was left was a shredded mess.

In order to save the remaining dog food, I took out a big plastic container that we had previously used to store cereal and put  the salvageable dog food in it.  And put it back in the pantry.

At first Abbey was excited because she thought she was getting fed dry cat food (also kept in a plastic container) but was disappointed to discover that it was her regular old boring dry dog food.  Once my husband discovered I had put dog food in the cereal container, he said he will never use it again. 

I’m thinking  I can use that to my advantage for future reference.

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