This Exit Will be Closed – FOREVER

Seriously?  For How Long?!  I am having enough problems with my daily commute down I-75 every day.  Now they have informed me that two of the downtown exits will be closed forever.   Granted, the exit I normally take has already had the “This Exit Will Be Closed For The Next Two Years” sign about a year ago and I managed fairly well (after a few days) of learning the detour for that.  But now with this, I am afraid a detour is not going to help; I am going to have major highway traffic problems.  I already solved part of that by working late.  That way I get the “creep and stop” traffic going home but it is only until you get out of downtown.  After that, it is pretty good.

According to the local paper:  “The final phase is expected to take about four years and cost $126 million…city deputy pubic works director, is certain downtown commuters and visitors are a resilient lot, having experienced the orange barrels along the interstate and elsewhere for more than a decade.”  (Yes, it did state, PUBIC instead of Public.  At first I thought it was a cut and paste error but no, the City Director is a Pubic Works Director.  Good for him!)

Personally, I believe that dealing with orange construction barrels for over 10 years is something that should be included on a resume as relevant work experience; along the lines of showing that you have patience and can do strategic problem solving in finding detours.  Of course, the real coping method would be a bitchin’ play list on your iPod. (Of course, during the interview you would describe it as “various work related pod casts on current and successful management principles.”)

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